About Us

RNG Management provides services that protect and strengthen the wellbeing of family and community. We are business owners, entrepreneurs, individuals, family members and ordinary individuals sharing extraordinary services. We offer solutions to empower the family structure by meeting the needs of every single-family.

Our nontraditional approach to wellbeing economics increases our effort as team to provide opportunities to upgrade your lifestyle, build healthy community and wealth for LIFE!

Our Directive

Family Wellbeing80%

Clients Say

Thank you RNG Management Team, We just received a bonus check for $4,000. for protecting 7 families.. Great job, keep up the good work!

Ross Wilson - Los Angeles, CA

I so appreciate you introducing me to the ID Theft Protection insurance. Two months ago, my credit card was to charged $300, on a Sunday afternoon, in another state. I contacted my emergency 24/7 ID Shield hotline and they notified my bank when it opened on Monday. The funds were returned to my account and my bank is dealing directly with my ID Theft Provider.

Mansa Obi - Calibakers.com

Thank you RNG Management for suggesting Life Insurance with Living Benefits. My husband suffered a heart attack 3 months after we signed up for living benefits package and was unable to work during that time. Since he is the salaried head of our home, we would have not been able to keep our mortgage note current. But we did. We were able to access our Living Benefits supplement to help with hospital bills and mortgage payments.

Michelle Evans - Washington DC